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Dunrowan Dolphin (1976-2001)






Dunrowan Dolphin (2/79) winner of in-hand and ridden championships.  Qualified for Olympia 1985, qualified for Prix Caprilli, Stoneleigh and was Highland Pony Performance Award winner.  Her successful ridden career in all types of classes culminated in becoming Champion Ridden Mountain and Moorland Pony at Olympia in 1987.  Thereafter she retired from competitive classes.

Foals Bred:

1990 - Colt - Deuch-an-Dorach (S: Trailtrow Raucle Reiver)

1991 - Colt - Drummer (S: Trailtrow Raucle Reiver)

1994 - Colt - Dunlin (S: Trailtrow Raucle Reiver)

1995 - Filly - Dobhran (S: Rummlegairie of Trailtrow)