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Rummlegairie of Trailtrow


Rummlegairie of Trailtrow (45/91)

07.04.89 - 14.11.12



Rummlegairie was a compact pony with true pony characteristics and a quality head. He had straight, free action and an exceptionally good nature and gentle temperament. He was used at stud since 1991 and produced quality stock which have been successful in all performance and breeding spheres. He had a huge influence on our breeding lines and all current ponies at Trailtrow trace back to him. Very sadly he died in November 2012. The following has been written as a tribute to this wonderful pony.

Towards midnight, on April 7th 1989, I was aware that Rowena was in the last stages of foaling. However she appeared to be struggling and the vet was summoned! Typically, as his car lights came into view, Rowena gave a massive push and out slithered a sturdy colt foal. As he dried out, it became apparent that this was an outstandingly, stunning colt. He had a beautiful, dished head, no doubt the cause of his slow arrival, and his coat was a rich, velvety grey.

At two years old the decision was made to retain him as a colt and he attended the inaugural HPS Inspection Scheme. He was one of only two colts to pass the inspection and did so with the agreement of all five assessors. Quite an achievement where breeders and colts are concerned!! Thereafter he was used at stud successfully, producing quality ponies who went on to achieve in all types of activities.

His showing career took off in 1995 and over the next few years he won championships, both in- hand and ridden, up and down the country from NPS, Malvern and PUK, Peterborough to Blair Castle. In 1998 he was Ridden Champion at RHASS and qualified for Olympia where he performed beautifully.

It wasn't until 2003 that he appeared on the scene again, this time ridden by Kirstin. He was aimed at performance classes as he particularly enjoyed jumping. He took Pony Club by storm, winning several ODEs and represented the branch in dressage at the Pony Club Championships, much to the amazement of southern competitors. They had rarely seen a hairy doing dressage, far or less a fluffy, white stallion!! At the end of the year we were delighted to find that he had won the HPS Performance Awards and felt this was a fantastic achievement.

For a few years I dabbled at a little dressage with him and he competed successfully at elementary level then in 2008 Kirstin decided to try veteran showing. He easily qualified for the regional finals but just missed qualifying for Olympia again. We decided then to retire him from any competitive events.


However, this wonderful pony will be remembered by us for far more than the beautiful ribbons which adorn the walls. From early days he was a trustworthy, gentle stallion and Kirstin spent many an hour as a very small child, bending his ear over some injustice or other that had upset her!

He was also a gentleman with his mares and was more than happy to back off when a hind leg was waved in his direction. He had a wariness about him which became apparent when one ear began to dip sideways and this was a sign that he was eyeing something up. Kirstin was mortified when this happened on one occasion when a rather voluminously wrapped judge came up to present him with his rosette!
He was a comfortable and responsive ride who loved his jumping but hated to knock any pole. One WHP class was held early in the day when the short grass was still wet. On approach to a particularly spooky jump ( reeds stuck in a water tray - both of which he saw plenty of at home!!) he began to stop but unfortunately kept slipping forwards, despite studs. Rather than plough through it, he made a fantastic effort and cleared it by miles!

His beautiful, grey face was the first thing anyone saw on coming into the yard and a slight shout or rattle of the gate chain would see him gallop to the gate. He loathed the rain and was more than happy to be pampered with rugs and a warm stable! He could hear the crunch of a carrot from a considerable distance and would leave any other type of feed for this top favourite treat!. He brought immeasurable pleasure to us over the years and we have undoubtedly been more than fortunate to have had him in our lives.